interactive infographic

The website „Free Bugs“ brings the insect boxes of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin to life. A simple selection menu allows you to select beetles or beetle families that crawl organically across the screen. By clicking on a crawling beetle further information about the species can be requested. The interactive handling helps to break down fear or disgust with insects and instead arouses fascination for the variety of shapes and colours.

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Insect biodiversity is declining, threatening the balance of our ecosystems. The „Free Bugs“ application is intended to provide an unusual, playful approach to getting to know and appreciate species diversity.

„Free Bugs“ has certain advantages for knowledge transfer: In contrast to beetles in the wild, comparisons within and outside a beetle family can be made by comparing them directly. The zoom function allows details such as colourfulness, patterns and special shapes to be discovered.

The project was technically realized in the programming language of the web „JavaScript“ and the open source library ReactJS, with which reactive applications can be developed. This allows the application to run in a web browser, making it easily accessible for many people.


coded by Enrico Scherlies

at Coding Da Vinci Kulturhackathon, Berlin (2017)